Improvising Weight Loss In Chandler

Tacos signal good times and good food in Chandler and everywhere.  Maybe you read the last blog (link here).  How do you work in tacos for weight loss in chandler and strength and health and fitness?  Take out trays and paper plates not the prettiest picture, real life doesn’t always have time for the best picture, effectiveness is always within reach.  Have you had tacos before?

It was Tuesday evening I didn’t plan on tacos and wasn’t aware they were part of anyone else’s plan.  I got home late so I wasn’t going to eat at 10pm at night.  Next morning tacos didn’t look as good as they did fresh, still lots of potential.  Granted I don’t know where the tacos are from or even more importantly all the ingredients.  I did have broccoli, brussel sprouts, and Primal Kitchen ( caesar salad dressing.  The tacos could be revived and I could get more green leafy vegetables in my life.  Three tacos, emptied the meat in to a cast iron skillet reheated glory.   Separated the fancy pickled red cabbage and cilantro or parsley (or whatever it was).  I’ll have to get the name of the restaurant, the beef was great!  Reheated two tortillas instead of 3 and two tacos and sauteed broccoli and brussel sprouts with coconut oil and some caesar dressing.  Meal was tasty!  

Would this be a daily meal?  Nah.  It did hit the spot and I didn’t have to take a nap.  I felt good.  An important measure, food shouldn’t weigh you down, not if your goal is performance and/or weight loss and it’s not a cheat day.  We all have to improvise, this is just one way.  Free Intro


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