Weight Loss in Chandler AZ, Best Approach?

Weight Loss Chandler AZ

When it comes to weight loss and body recomposition in Chandler AZ, or anywhere else one of the most popular questions is what is the best diet to lose weight or the best diet to get defined or ripped.  The impatience for one, and also simple, answer is only made worse by the wealth of data available today and even more when diets are presented with a focus on why other diets are wrong.  

I’m comfortable asking more questions when I get weight loss in Chandler AZ question.  Because while “it depends” are some of the two most universally annoying questions when followed by useful questions and real life results the answers have in my experience been some of the most useful.  I’ll start off with, I support lifestyle habits with cycles as required.  That is different from supporting dieting multiple times a year or whenever you gain weight.

Are you constantly tired?  Is your weight gain mainly in your stomach and midsection?  Skin tags?

If you are tired and experiencing weight gain in the midsection and have skin tags and/or acne.  There is a very high likelihood that there is inflammation of internal organs.  In addition, there is probably a hormone imbalance that tests for blood sugar and the A1C aren’t measuring, like insulin levels.  Hormone imbalances can affect blood pressure, levels and effectiveness of other hormones like testosterone and estrogen so weight loss may not be the only challenge.  

Have you had to take medication in the last 3 months to a year?

This one is often overlooked, the reality is that there are medications that are damaging to the liver, kidneys and other organs.  Thyroid conditions and Valley Fever are treated with medication that can elevate liver enzymes and the condition itself can be damaging to the liver.  Organs can heal, the exact process and timeline is another discussion, the process takes time and in the meantime weight loss can be slowed and weight gain can be accelerated.

Autoimmune condition?  Allergic to some foods?

If you are living with Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Krohn’s, or even Leaky Gut you are more than likely aware of the debate surrounding the cause and treatment of these conditions.  The good news is that oftentimes if you are living with a condition you know what foods are off limits (we may add some to the off limits list). If you are allergic to gluten, many people don’t even know they are allergic it is pretty easy to avoid gluten there is definitely some education required.  

Is the weight gain since the onset of menopause?

The body has changed, hormone production has been impacted and eating habits before menopause coud have exacerbated the results.  Some will say that weight loss after is not possible.  Some cycles and resets will more than likely be required.  Weight loss and incredible health are absolutely possible.  

Have you been at the same weight for over a year?

If you have been at the same weight for a year with changes to your diet depending on your goals and current state of health that can be good or you may find it frustrating.  You may want to lose weight or build more muscle or both.

In all cases above I support real food that supports the amazing things that the human body can do.  The rainbow of plants, protein, and yes fats too (whether fats make you fast is a whole nother discussion) and everyone wants to know about carbs.  The ratios will vary based on you and your goals and your progress.

Probably the most important question is are you ready to make a change?  Doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for or worse expecting different results is something most of us will indulge in (myself included) without results.  Free No Sweat Intro


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