Happy Healthy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! I’m excited! It has been ten years since one of the best decisions I ever made. I decided to get coaching. I’m proud to say almost ten years for one of my members, too. I still get nervous before some workouts. The cookies, ice cream, and other desserts are as demandingly tempting. There are more daily and weekly obstacles to improving health. I’m still excited about how to get people started. I’m excited about getting over the proverbial hump of plateaus after years at it.

I’m excited because of the proof. Age hasn’t proven to be the barrier I and many have feared. Injury and burnout are even more unfulfilled. And I don’t need finances and everything else to go well to feel great. The game of treating my body well and seeing what it can do is alive and well. When I eat well and move well, I can sleep better. When I do those three, it is much easier to dream up (more vividly) exciting workouts and enjoy them more. It is easier to share that excitement. When you can more regularly bring that excitement, there is less stress because you are more effective. It is easier to adapt to the challenges in stride. And the messier days aren’t as bad. Experiencing enhanced mental focus and experimenting with flow states and productivity is next-level fulfilling! Results are more powerful than the alternatives and keep me coming back.

I see much more at You Make Crossfit and for you. On this holiday, I wish for you health that serves you. You will know when you are conquering habits outside the gym and adapting to workouts in the gym. It is all practice for what is really important. That stronger person creates the life you want.


Thank You!

If you don’t think you can improve your health then read this. You absolutely can.

Happy Healthy Holidays!

Happy Healthy Holidays! Now is the best time to live your best life. And get in the best shape of your life.

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