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A picture is worth a thousand words. You matter, you are important and you belong! Smiles, high fives, and laughs are more valuable than where you are or your “performance”. Surrounding yourself with great people on your weight loss journey will make it fun and easier. Focusing more on smiles, high fives, and laughs will make it easier to achieve weight loss and strength gains. You Make Crossfit welcomes everyone, and we understand it can be scary thinking about a gym. 

Maybe you want to lose over 100 lbs, or suffer from back and neck issues, or limited mobility. You may be asking yourself, “Will I get injured?”. The reality is we have members that joined with the same fears, issues, and injuries. Those goals include losing over 100 lbs. Working out again after 12 years off with spinal disc issues, with a rotator cuff tear, and are now doing push ups, pull ups, and much more. We have members that have disabilities. We have members in their 60’s and are determined to continue being active. They all had concerns.  

You Make Crossfit Personal Trainers custom designs every program specifically for you. If you have concerns or fears now is the time to have a conversation. There will always be concerns and for those who take action there will also be success.  Free No Sweat Intro


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If you don’t think you can improve your health then read this. You absolutely can.

Happy Healthy Holidays!

Happy Healthy Holidays! Now is the best time to live your best life. And get in the best shape of your life.

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