Weight Loss, It’s Ok to Ask For Help

Did you think about your weight loss goals this holiday weekend?  Better yet, did you take any action towards your weight loss goals?  Did “unexpected things” come up?  I know things came up for me.  A plumbing problem became a potential excavation.  A door needs to be replaced.  And my car needs 2 repairs to pass emissions.  How can I get them all done?  Weight loss that’s the easiest.  I know what to do and my tribe holds me accountable.  The rest is a different story.

I’ll probably put in the door because I find work I can get lost in as a mini vacation during the day.  The rest I will find the right people to help.  I’ll talk with them and make sure that I communicate the problem I need solved, and how I will know if it was done right.  Then I’ll let them do great work.  I will be able to see action on a few fronts and focus on what I do best.  Now, how about you?

Ask yourself, and more importantly answer honestly, when was the last time you made progress towards your weight loss goals?  If it has been years since you felt full of energy and ready to attack your day.  And if you have been stuck for a while.  Are you responsible for all of your weight loss solution or do you just have to show up?  Then I’ll remind you it is ok to ask for help and get the best help.


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