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I got out of bed quickly and I was on my way to Chandler to be ready for my group.  As a personal trainer/Crossfit coach I’m privileged to have an amazing tribe that wholeheartedly embraces the pursuit and joy of fitness and healthier living.  In short I’m in charge of making the pursuit of health fun for my group.  This particular day some of my Oooomph was missing.  

Could have been the wonderful gas prices or my procrastination that has turned mundane tasks in to a blazing emergency.  Sound familiar?  Do you have things that are weighing you down and as a result your efforts?  I’m lucky I have an incredible tribe and I know if I show up I can give them energy.  And so I did.  Funny thing is my tribe gave me energy too.  There were more high fives more “You can do it” more “You’re incredible!”.  Showing up was one step for that day.  Consciously being part of a great group was critical.  

My tribe had fun and gave me fun, and this happens everyday, everytime we come together and get after our common goals.  Some in larger groups, some smaller groups, and some 1 on 1, personalized it gets done.My tribe doesn’t know strangers and doesn’t require a resume of accomplishments or physical gifts for membership.  You just have to be ready to go after your goals.  I share this because an invitation like this changed my life.  If you are tired of putting off your goals, would like to feel awesome then come on in.  Free No Sweat Intro


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Happy Healthy Holidays!

Happy Healthy Holidays! Now is the best time to live your best life. And get in the best shape of your life.

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