Vegetable Hauls and Weight Loss

It’s Friday and you have time to make next week a great week. I started next week now with a vegetable haul. Why keep posting pictures of grocery hauls from @superstitionranchfarm Pictures of a fresh vegetable haul are not the best performing on social media, no mystery there. Why keep posting? Believe it or not, posting for likes is not the goal. If your goal is to live a healthier lifestyle, it begins with weight loss and building up your power, strength, and abilities. Real food will play a critical part, real food is a crucial part of the solution.  

Real food works. Here are just a few benefits:

The right vegetables provide energy and nutrients for the body and help maintain a healthy weight. 

Reduce inflammation which is great news if you have an autoimmune condition like arthritis, Hashimoto, ulcerative colitis, etc.  

Packed with electrolytes like potassium support strong muscles and prevent fatigue.  

Feed your gut bacteria which make up the majority of your immune system.  

After all that maybe you still don’t know where to start or how to eat more vegetables. Or purchasing vegetables is just the prequel to the neverending vegetable cemetery. Don’t worry I’m here to help one way is by posting vegetables from time to time. Just one recipe and some results can make a huge impact and change your life.



Thank You!

If you don’t think you can improve your health then read this. You absolutely can.

Happy Healthy Holidays!

Happy Healthy Holidays! Now is the best time to live your best life. And get in the best shape of your life.

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