Run Your Race Weight Loss and Strength Goals

Are you getting closer to your weight loss and strength goals? In the picture you see Janet walking while everyone else is running, and looks very comfortable walking. How many times can you say you have comfortably walked while others are running? When you learn to truly embrace running your race you will make more consistent and faster progress.  

Janet got the Ok from her Dr. and Physical Therapist for workouts. She decided to workout with her Tribe, knowing that there would be lots of customized (just for her) movements. Janet was comfortable because she chose her race, her abilities, goals, and timeline. She found it easier to show up because of the group.  Janet’s foot healed faster because she chose weights and movements that her body could handle each day.

Let’s talk about your goals?  Are you trying to run when alternating between a walk and jog would be more effective? Are you trying to add 10 more lbs. before you are ready? Missing a chance to move better? Workouts customized to you and your strengths and abilities are the best use of your time. Once you base your decisions on the person next to you, your workout is no longer customized to you, and you are running someone else’s race. When we come together we inspire each other, you still have to run your race.  


Happy Healthy Holidays!

Happy Healthy Holidays! Now is the best time to live your best life. And get in the best shape of your life.

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Does your workout routine make you feel energized? Do you want to have a workout routine? You can have both.

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Everyone’s crossfit journey to improved health is special and unique. And more importantly open to everyone. Read for some inspiration.


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