Not the Father’s Day I Scripted

Time to start today’s challenge even with the promise of another hot Arizona summer day. I’ll let my children sleep even with all there is to face and learn. Even though the temperature is usually hotter, I know this starter replacement will be a doozy. My car needs to start all the time, not just randomly. I have been planning roller skating for Father’s Day since Mother’s Day. The 6 pm start already felt out of reach. 

The setbacks piled up quickly. I forgot my toolbox. My Dad’s tools saved the day. Access to the starter and 6 bolts was difficult at best. I was quickly covered in grease and grime, everywhere. My frustration wasn’t far behind. I had other work to do on the computer and phone. The grease and grime had to come off momentarily. And I needed breaks from the uncomfortable positions and destroying my forearm and knuckle skin. Only during those breaks could I contemplate how to get someone more experienced to finish this job. Elijah, my son, was willing to see if his smaller fingers could turn the most difficult bolt with his smaller hands. Providing instruction was just too challenging at the moment. With breaks, breathing, and refocus I pushed through and wrapped up by 7 pm. Just in time to miss any chance of roller skating. The relief and triumph started as I turned the most challenging bolt. The feeling of victory kept building even after I was all done. 

As I reflected, I realized I played a part in a great Father’s Day story. True, I had narrated a different script in my mind. I remembered my Father inspired us. We were/are grateful for the opportunity to create our lives. The lessons of that eternal debt are a driving force to this day. On this day, I humbly offer a fatherhood example to my children. Build yourself by embracing challenges. I almost missed that I did so with my Father’s tools. Some of which his Father gave him. 

I hope to inspire my children as my Father inspired me. Father’s Day is really about children’s stories. I measure myself by their ability to bring their dreams to life. Another reason I feel so fortunate to be a part of an incredible gym community. The opportunity to practice these life lessons at You Make Crossfit is special. You can take that first step towards building yourself, writing your unique story. Dreams, adversity, and perseverance always deliver the best stories. 


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