Liver Health and Weight Loss

Is your weight loss journey (or lack of) also improving your long term health and improving your health today and well in to the future?  Will you look forward to your yearly physical because your doctor can rave about how healthy you are?  If the answer is yes it makes it infinitely easier to design and to take on the challenges and build the habits that make losing weight and getting stronger possible.  The liver for example is responsible for much more than processing alcohol.  The liver is responsible for energy and at the core of a flatter midsection, and yet for its important and rise in liver disease doesn’t get anywhere near the attention it deserves..  

With that in mind it still took me a while to schedule my free screening at  Scheduling the appointment, during the exam, and right up until speaking with the doctor I procrastinated, and I was surprised that I was nervous too.  All that and the doctor finally told me that there was no fat on my liver and no scarring.  Exactly the proof I was seeking.  Feels good.  I know that is only one measure.  I should schedule my physical too.  

aJust like driving though we all check the speedometer no matter how many times we drive, at least we should.  Would you like to improve your long term health and have proof that your health is improving? Free Intro


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Happy Healthy Holidays! Now is the best time to live your best life. And get in the best shape of your life.

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