Juggling Family, Health, Work, and Type 2 Diabetes

I don’t naturally, or because of upbringing, naturally, share what I am doing, thinking, or challenges.  Many have generously shared encouragement and successes.  More importantly, their trials and tribulations.  I have decided to share more and pay it forward.  It is challenging to balance my family, health, and business daily.  I have often felt my genes kept me overweight.  I have struggled with the basics of what and how much to eat.  I have been through an economic downturn as a business owner.  I saw my father diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  At the time, I couldn’t escape feeling that a type 2 diabetes diagnosis didn’t have to mean medication forever.  I felt healthy even though I couldn’t lose much weight.  I didn’t know how to help my father.  

Through coaching, I have learned how to maintain my blood pressure.  No type 2 diabetes.  All without medication.  It is challenging and so much easier than it was a decade ago.

Making my business healthy and resilient is more challenging.  My health gives me a chance to help others.  And make my business healthy and more resilient.  Even more important during our current economic challenges.   You may find it easier to run a business than improve your health.  And I’m sure you know the challenges don’t stop.  

My nephew just told me he got the call and has type 2 diabetes.  This time I have more experience and know how to help.  I’m more than ready for the challenge.  What do you find more challenging, your health or your business?


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