Holidays and Weight Loss Goals

Does anything say the holidays here, like danish butter cookies?  Danish cookies are here, so the holidays are here.  And these cookies are just the start of the options, I mean, temptations that will be available almost everywhere.  Great idea to ask what is, your plan.  That will help you enjoy the holidays and keep up with your weight loss goals.  

Elaborate can be tempting.  Simpler is often better.  Here are some ideas.

More Simple:  

Hosting a festive dinner, make sure to include green leafy vegetables as dishes.

Attending, make sure to take green leafy vegetable dishes.

At any dinner, put the food away once dinner is over.  Walking past food is a recipe to keep picking.

Think about eating one plate. 

Eat one serving of dessert.  

Make less of certain foods so there are little to no leftovers.

Less Simple:

Think about eliminating or reducing dishes made of highly processed foods.  

Get a workout in before festive dinners.  

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Happy Healthy Holidays!

Happy Healthy Holidays! Now is the best time to live your best life. And get in the best shape of your life.

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