Have Fun at the Gym In Chandler?

Fun gym Chandler Mesa

Austin just had arguably his best gym workout ever, easily going for an hour.  The goals have always been simple, and have nothing to do with weight loss, make the time so fun to build the routine of working out multiple times a week at a local gym in chandler, get stronger, and build skills like catching and throwing.  To that end the workouts are varied.  What has worked the best is what we talk about.  I enjoy jokes and Austin probably enjoys them more so we have definitely gone through a whole lot of them. He says my jokes are bad, and always laughs hard at them, and has fun at the gym.  

This isn’t about or in defense of my humor!  For some reason, we ended up talking in spanish, I can not remember why.  Without fail every time I started counting in spanish Austin would do more reps or get started again.  It was fascinating.  And more important progress.  

In case you’re wondering, the point is make sure you have fun when you work out, if that is a stretch for you at least try.  Fun comes in many different forms, “bad jokes”, working out with someone so comfortable enough in their own skin to make everyone else laugh.  Fun could be the music.  Or even counting in spanish.  If you would like some help my job is to make working out fun, and I love making everything fun.  It’s not just me, everyone here is fun.  Reach out so I can help.  Free No Sweat Intro


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